Maria Gemskie

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Maria Gemskie
Occupation Senior Director, Client Delivery
Employer Gagen MacDonald
Location Chicago

Maria Gemskie is a corporate communications professional specializing in financial services. She is currently senior director of client delivery at Gagen MacDonald.

Previously, she was director of external communication for William Blair & Company, Inc. in Chicago.[1]

During her career, Gemskie has held senior corporate communications positions with the Chicago Board of Trade, CME Group, MF Global, Allstate Insurance and Preferred Hotel Group.[2] She also has worked in Washington, DC in government service.


Before joining William Blair & Company, Inc., she was vice president of corporate communications at Preferred Hotel Group. She joined Preferred Hotels after leaving MF Global prior to their 2010 bankruptcy.

At MF Global, Gemskie rejoined her former CBOT boss Bernie Dan, who was CEO of the financial services firm at the time. Dan hired Gemskie at MF Global after moved he into the CEO position after the firm suffered a $141 million loss from a rogue trader, who was a broker in their Memphis office.[3] Dan later resigned as CEO for personal reasons and was replaced by former Goldman Sachs executive and former New Jersey Governor and Senator Jon Corzine.[4][5]

Before her employment at Allstate, she was with the CME Group in a similar position, coming over from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) after the two Chicago exchanges merged.[6][7][8]

Prior to joining the CBOT, Gemskie served the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington D.C. from 1996 to 1999 as a communications director for former U.S. Congressman Thomas Ewing.[9] While at the CBOT, Gemskie was promoted from manager of communications to managing director of communications following the departure of David Vitale as CEO.

She also sits on the Women In Listed Derivatives' Steering Committee.

After the CBOT conducted their initial public offering, Gemskie penned a newsletter article for the NYSE Newsletter titled "Futures Exchange Forges into the Future; Chicago Board of Trade Goes Public.[10]

In February of 2006, Gemskie presented a presentation for IABC Chicago titled, "Professional Development Luncheon: Preparing Communication and PR plans for an IPO: Lessons learned and tips any communicator can use."[11]


Gemskie holds a B.S. in public affairs from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.[12][13]


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