Mark Shlaes

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Mark Shlaes
Occupation Managing Director of Trading
Employer HTG Capital Partners
Location New York, NY

Mark Schlaes is the Managing Director of Trading at HTG Capital Partners in New York, NY. [1]


Prior to joining HTG Capital Partners, LLC (“HTG”), Shlaes was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade for 29 years. He was a floor trader in the grain and financial markets for 28 of those years, trading in most of the grain pits until the early 1980s. He then focused his trading in the financial room, trading 30-year bonds, 10-year notes, and 5-year notes. Mark's focus during his trading career was on spreading and arbitrage.

While at the Chicago Board of Trade, Shales served as a Director and Second Vice-Chairman, as well as serving on over 20 committees, including: Executive, Technology, New Product Development, Executive Compensation, Strategic Planning, New Building Oversight, Trading Pit, Floor, Business Conduct, Membership, and Financial Instruments.

In addition, Shales chaired the Strategic Planning, New Product Development, Marketing Development and Executive Compensation committees. In his roles as Director and Second Vice-Chairman, Mark promoted the Chicago Board of Trade to exchanges and various other financial institutions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Great Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, Tokyo, and Taiwan.

Shales left the trading floor to take a job with Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Company to establish and manage a proprietary trading group in New York in January 2001. From 2003 until 2005, he became Managing Director of proprietary trading for the firm globally. Shales was charged with overseeing the trading of 200 traders in the firm’s London, Chicago, and New York offices as well as the recruitment and training of new traders for the firm. [2]


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