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Mark Spanbroek
Bio-mark-spanbroek (2).jpg
Occupation Chairman of the Board
Employer CME Europe
Location Amsterdam area
Personal Twitter @spanbroekmark
LinkedIn Profile

Mark Spanbroek is the chairman of the board for CME Europe and chairman of the FIA European Principal Traders Association (EPTA).[1][2] Spanbroek was previously vice-chairman of the EPTA before assuming the role of acting chairman upon the departure of Remco Lenterman in August of 2015, but upon Lenterman's return to the role of chairman in Sept. 2016, Spanbroek returned to his role as vice chairman.[3] In June of 2018, Spanbroek was elected as EPTA chair, replacing Lenterman.[4]


Spanbroek worked for market liquidity provider GETCO as a director for nine years before leaving in 2011.

Before joining GETCO in 2002, Spanbroek spent 15 years at Van der Moolen, a Dutch market making firm, where he was a director responsible for all operations and trading. He began his career as at AMRO Bank.[5]

Spanbroek also serves as a non-executive director at Aquis Exchange, a pan-European alternative trading system, based in London, which launched as a trading platform in November 2013. [6]

MarketsWiki Education Video, October 2015

Mark Spanbroek, European Principal Traders Association – Financial Markets 2.0

"What trading is really about is finding an algorithmic, or systematic way, to analyze the market. And this is done with data."

Mark Spanbroek's trading career spanned the transition from the old world of trading pits to the new world of algorithms. He now serves as acting chairman of the FIA European Principal Traders Association (EPTA).

In this MarketsWiki Education presentation, Spanbroek showcases both worlds - Financial Markets 1.0 and 2.0 - from the pit trader in the multi-colored trading jacket to today's trader, which he says is not a trader, but rather an engineer, and today's trading strategy is more of a team effort than an individual effort.


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