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William D. Hagerty, Jr.


William D. "Bill" Hagerty, Jr.,  a longtime member of the Chicago Board of Trade and onetime head of one of the oldest CBOT member firms, Hagerty Grain, died in February of 2017 at the age of 87. View page

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20/20 Vision: Richard Sandor, Inventor Of Market Solutions, Releases New Book On Environmental Markets

Jim Kharouf » 2.21.17

There are few who change the world in a profound way. Richard Sandor, who brought us the first interest rate futures contract, also created the Chicago Climate Exchange in 2003. CCX launched a new set of greenhouse gas contracts as an innovative step to solving the issue of global warming. In his latest book, “How I Saw It,” Sandor republishes many of the columns he wrote from 1999 to 2005 during that pivotal time in the development of environmental markets. Despite what some may think about carbon markets today – as a politically unpopular solution in Washington – it’s a...Read more

MarketsWiki Education 2017 World of Opportunity Series for Stockholm, Chicago and New York Announced

Jeff Bergstrom » 2.15.17

Maker or Taker?

John Lothian » 2.13.17

MarketsWikiEducation Re-Launches Website

Jeff Bergstrom » 2.9.17

Solidifying an American foothold: LSEG’s UnaVista and MTS platforms look to expand

Spencer Doar » 2.7.17

Eris Keeps Pace With Evolving Swaps Markets With New Hire, George Harrington

Sarah Rudolph » 1.25.17

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