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June 27

Howard Lutnick


Howard Lutnick, CEO and chairman of Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners,  is offering $20,000 per month to market makers who will supply liquidity for his new trading platform for US Treasuries.  The platform is scheduled to launch later this year. View page

June 26


The price of gold plunged on Monday at 9 a.m. in London after a surge in volume in New York futures that traders said was probably the result of a "fat finger" (erroneous trade).  Volume in trade shot up to 1.8 million ounces of gold in only a minute, and the price fell about 1.6 percent to $1,236.43 an ounce, the lowest since May 16. View page

June 23


Instinet LLC, owned by Nomura Holdings Inc.,  is buying State Street Corp.’s dark pool, BlockCross ATS. The deal is expected to close in July or August. View page

June 22

Vela Trading Technologies

Vela Trading Technologies, an independent global trading and market data technology company based in New York,  announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Chicago-based OptionsCity Software, in a transaction that is expected to close at the end of Q2 2017.  OptionsCity's CEO Hazem Dawani said he plans to stay on after the merger. View page

June 21

Sharon Bowen

CFTC Commissioner Sharon Y. Bowen announced Tuesday that she will step down from her post at the agency before her term ends next year. She is the only Democrat on the commission, and the only other commissioner apart from Acting Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo, a Republican. She said she was leaving early due to frustrations with the slow pace of work at the commission, which has lacked a full complement of five members since February.   View page

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