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July 25

OptionsHouse, LLC


On Monday, E*Trade announced plans to buy OptionsHouse parent Aperture New Holdings, Inc. for $725 million. This acquisition will give E*Trade 154,000 OptionsHouse accounts and help the company compete with rivals that had already bought other Chicago-based online options platforms. View page

July 22


CurveGlobal is the interest rate derivatives venture the London Stock Exchange Group plans to launch live on September 26. Yesterday it was reported that CurveGlobal’s COO, Cathryn Lyall, is set to leave the company before the launch, and that the company has named LCH’s Richard Walker as the new head of business development to lead its sales strategy. View page

July 21

Gil Mandelzis

Gil Mandelzis announced he would step down as the CEO of EBS BrokerTec, ICAP’s electronic foreign exchange (FX) and fixed income business.  He took over the CEO role in 2012. Mandelzis also co-founded Traiana, which ICAP acquired in 2007.  View page

July 20

HTG Capital Partners, LLC

HTG Capital Partners, LLC, and Kottke Associates, LLC, announced that they have agreed on the acquisition by HTG of the introducing broker, money management and proprietary trading businesses of Kottke Associates. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of this year. View page

July 19

Glass-Steagall Act

The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 separated investment and commercial banking activities, seeking to limit conflicts of interest at banks. In a surprising twist, the Republican Party has made bringing back Glass-Steagall, which was repealed in 1999 by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, part of its platform. Both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have supported bringing back the Act and it is now part of the Democratic Party platform as well. View page

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