Martin Pluves

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Martin Pluves
Occupation Chief Executive Officer
Employer LCH.Clearnet Ltd.
Location London
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Martin Pluves was named CEO of the Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Markets Standards Board, (FMSB) in July 2019, starting in October 2019. The FMSB, which is run by wholesale market participants, sets the conduct standards for those markets.[1]

He was previously the CEO of LCH Ltd., appointed to the role in December of 2014. He announced he would step down from the post in July 2019.[2][3][4]


As LCH Ltd.'s CEO, Pluves led operations in London as well as Australia, Japan and North America. He served as COO of LCH.Clearnet before being promoted to CEO. He replaced Michael Davie, who moved to a global COO role.

He joined LCH.Clearnet in 2009 in a IT role. He led the program to launch ForexClear, the world's first 24 hour OTC FX clearing service.

Prior to joining LCH, he worked for 14 years at PA Consulting, and served as a partner in the financial services practice and member of the management group.[5]


He earned his degree in computing from Loughborough University and completed the program for leadership development from Harvard Business School.


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