Marty Averbuch

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Marty Averbuch
Marty Averbuch.jpg
Occupation President and Chief Executive Officer
Employer Adirondack Trading Partners

Marty Averbuch is a founder of the International Securities Exchange. [1] He currently serves as president and chief executive officer of Adirondack Trading Partners, LLC, a consortium formed to finance the ISE, and act as a specialist/market maker on the exchange.


Previously, Averbuch was with E*TRADE Group, Inc. from 1993 to 1998 in various capacities, including vice president On-Line Ventures, vice president Special Projects and president of E*TRADE Capital, Inc., where he was responsible for domestic markets and international expansion. He also founded Southampton Coachworks, a manufacturer of luxury limousines and ESD, Ltd. a manufacturer of heat recovery equipment.

Averbuch has served as a member of the Visiting Committee of the University of Chicago Law School, the Advisory Board of Roundtable Partners LLC, the board of directors for Knight/Trimark Group, Inc and the board of advisors of the Order Execution Services (OES), an independent agency SEC-registered broker dealer. [2] He also was a professor at Hofstra University in the Department of Finance.


Averbuch received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of Finance in 1974, and a J.D. and MBA from the University of Chicago in 1977.


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