Megain Widjaja

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Megain Widjaja
Occupation Managing Director
Employer Indonesia Commodites & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX)
Location Jakarta

Megain Widjaja is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Indonesia Commodities & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX). He is focused on establishing relationships with regulators, international exchanges and industry participants.


Previously, Widjaja worked at the Singapore-based Global Treasury Solutions team at Wachovia Bank. In 2006 Widjaja was employed at Seattle-based wealth management firm R. A. Bench Wealth Management, where he handled corporate and individual investment banking needs. [1]

He returned to Jakarta and in 2009 and founded Focus Media Indonesia before joining the Indonesian Commodities & Derivatives Exchange. [2]


Widjaja graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance and Accounting from Seattle University.


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