Mitch Fulscher

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Mitch Fulscher
Occupation Consultant
Employer Melamed & Associates
Location Tokyo

Mitch Fulscher is a Tokyo-based consultant with Melamed & Associates. He is also one of the founders and was the head of the Futures Industry Association of Japan for many years.[1]


Fulsher is a long-time consultant to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and assisted in designing and implementing the Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange.

He spent 15 years in Asia, but established the U.S. futures and derivatives practice for Arthur Andersen while a partner with the firm in Chicago before moving to Tokyo in the late 1980s to set up Andersen's capital markets practice. After returning to the U.S. he was the director of Andersen's financial markets practice in California until again returning to Tokyo as senior partner in 1997.[2]

He is a director of Aozora Bank in Tokyo[3] and also teaches classes on Corporate Governance at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School.


Fulscher holds a bachelors in business administration in accounting and finance from the University of Wisconsin.[4]

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