Objective Paradigm

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Objective Paradigm
Founded 1999
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Ryan Pollock, Kevin Krumm, & Evan Pollock
Website www.oprecruiting.com

Objective Paradigm is a technical recruiting and executive search firm based in Chicago.[1]


Founded in 1999, the firm services financial services, capital markets, proprietary trading, private equity, hedge fund, consulting and software development firms in finding, interviewing, hiring and retaining talent.[2]

Products and Services

Objective Paradigm has two primary offerings: direct-hire recruiting and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).[3]

Direct hire identifies and recruits experts to help clients find professionals to fill roles ranging from developers to C-level executives.[4]

The RPO group agrees to ongoing relationships with technology, finance, and consulting companies to manage their recruiting needs.[5] [6]

The media seeks out Objective Paradigm’s executive team for their industry expertise and sense of hiring trends. Objective Paradigm executives have appeared in Wall Street Journal,[7] Forbes,[8] and Chicago Tribune: Blue Sky Innovation. [9]

Key People


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