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Paul Christensen
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Location London

Paul Christensen is a financial industry executive who was most recently the chief executive officer of Green Key Technologies. He was appointed to that role on March 2, 2016[1] and stepped down in September of 2016.

He operated out of the Green Key office in London, while managing the expansion of the firm's offices in Chicago, New York and Singapore.

Before joining Green Key, he served as managing director and global co-head of Goldman Sachs' Principal Strategic Investments team.


Christensen has played an active role in many of the leading market structure initiatives throughout the last 15 years, including Markit, TradeWeb, SwapClear, SwapsWire, the London Clearing House and Volbroker. He also served as Goldman's Co-Chief Operating Officer of its Global Market Structure Group.

After joining Goldman Sachs as an executive director in 2006, he was promoted to managing director in 2009. He led the firm's market structure-related strategy and investment opportunities.

Before joining Goldman, Christensen was global head of strategic investments for Deutsche Bank. He was co-COO at Volbroker, one of the first multi-dealer electronic trading platforms, from 2000 to 2002. He began his career as a corporate attorney in London and Sydney.

In 2000 and 2012, Christensen was International Federation attaché for the modern pentathlon for the Olympic Games. He represented Australia in the sport at a world championship level. He has twice been winner of an ultra-endurance Quadrathlon race in the Highlands of Scotland.

Christensen has been a frequent guest lecturer on corporate venturing, entrepreneurship and market structure matters at the London Business School and Oxford University. He has served on the boards of directors of Tradeweb Markets LLC, Source ETF Ltd., NYSE Liffe U.S., Markit Group Limited, OTC Deriv Ltd., International Index Company Ltd. and Celoxica Ltd.


Christensen earned an MBA from the London Business School in 2007, after earlier receiving a Master of Laws degree from the London School of Economics and Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from the University of Queensland.

John Lothian News Interview, September 2016

The Voice: Green Key Technologies Is Turning Your Brokerage Voice Into Valuable Data; CEO Christensen Says Voice Brokerage Is Far From Dead, And The Conversations Gleaned Could Be Transformational For Firms

In today's financial markets, the conversation is most often about electronic trading, high frequency trading, complex orders via algorithms and so forth. Yet, for the $492 trillion global OTC derivatives markets, firms still conduct business over the phone, person-to-person, a practice which is now availing itself to new technology in compelling ways.


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