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Quantitative Brokers, LLC
QB Logo.png
Founded 2008
Headquarters New York
Key People Christian Hauff, CEO; Thomas Ascher, Executive Chairman
Products Derivatives Brokerage
Website quantitativebrokers.com

Quantitative Brokers, LLC is a New York-based agency brokerage founded in 2008 by Christian Hauff and Robert Almgren. The firm provides trading algorithms and analytics to assist in execution quality and total cost analysis (TCA) for global futures, options and interest rate markets.

It has offices in New York, London, Sydney and Chennai.

QB’s algorithms are provided in common EMS/OMS platforms, via the firm’s proprietary applications on the Bloomberg App Portal, Thomson Reuters App Store or directly via FIX.[1]


In July of 2017, Quantitative Brokers announced a $24 million strategic investment from Centana Growth Partners.[2] Also, in 2017, Quantitative Brokers named Tom Ascher as Executive Chairman and Ralf Roth as CEO.[3] Roth left the firm in January of 2020 and Christian Hauff was elevated again to the CEO spot.

In September of 2020, Deutsche Börse acquired a majority stake in Quantitative Brokers. According to Deutsche Börse, QB's two founders will continue to manage the company and hold significant shares. [4] Both parties expect the transaction to be completed by the end of 2020, subject to regulatory approvals.

Products and Services

QB provides quantitative research, algorithmic development, data analytics and high-touch service.

In 2018, QB announced they launched trade simulation and ticketing tools on the Bloomberg app portal. The suite of premium algorithms released, called Bolt, Strobe, Legger and Closer, are available on Bloomberg terminals and can help futures and fixed income investors achieve best execution.[5]

Algorithms available include:

  • Bolt - best execution across wide ranging market conditions.
  • Strobe - trade on schedule and capture spread.
  • Legger - multi-leg spread trading. Use quantitative techniques to intelligently manage legging risk.
  • Closer - trade optimally into the close.
  • The Roll - execute rolls optimally and with ease.
  • Octane -a liquidity seeking strategy designed to optimally execute when urgent completion is the primary objective.

Key People

John Lothian News Interview, July 2014

Execution Equalizer: Christian Hauff Talks Trade Execution Quality and TCA

While electronic platforms and trade algorithms have made for more efficient markets, some buyside participants believe it comes at a cost, and the cost is execution quality. Christian Hauff, co-founder and CEO of Quantitative Brokers says these same modern tools can help the buyside obtain better execution, as well as better transaction cost analysis (TCA).


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