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QuikStrike ("QS") is a suite of web-based products for option pricing, analysis and trade strategy creation and tracking.

QuikStrike is from Bantix Technologies, LLC, a Chicago-based independent software vendor.[1]

QS is a tool to help users determine fair value of option prices, view Greek values (delta, gamma, vega and theta) and access historical data for currently active expirations. It is aimed at brokers and individual traders. It is not a trading platform.


QS is updated throughout the trading day to give the latest option pricing information. QS allows users to build, price and analyze simple or complex spreads via their Web browser. [2]

QS users can develop trade strategies. It enables brokers to create PDF reports for customers or offer Web links that customers can use to do their own analysis by changing the futures price, volatility and days until expiration.[3]

Brokers can also allow customers to track trades through a personalized watch list. This aspect of the tool gives customers the ability to save a trade, note the price that they traded it, monitor daily price changes and evaluate profit and loss margins.

QS also provides historical volatility and settlement prices for all of the active expirations.


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