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Richard J. Herring
Occupation Jacob Safra Professor of International Banking and Professor of Finance
Employer The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Richard J. Herring has been Jacob Safra Professor of International Banking and Professor, Finance Department, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania since July 1972. He has also been co-director of The Wharton Financial Institutions Center since July 2000. [1] He was Vice Dean and Director, Wharton Undergraduate Division from July 1995 to June 2000.


Outside of Wharton, Herring has held various positions, including: director of Scudder RREEF Real Estate Fund Inc. since 2002; member of the Audit Committee; director of Lauder Institute of International Management Studies since July 2000; and member of the Financial Economists Roundtable since 2000. As of 1990, he has been a trustee of the DWS Scudder Funds and as of 2007, a trustee of the Daiwa Country Funds.

Herring is the Co-Chair of the US Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee and the 2006 Professorial Fellow in Banking and Monetary Studies sponsored by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and Victoria University of Wellington. He was a member of the Group Thirty Study Groups on the Reinsurance Industry and on Global Institutions, National Supervision and Systemic Risk. He has served as a consultant to the IMF and World Bank, as well as the various US regulatory agencies. Since 1990 he has been a Director of the New York Complex of DWS Scudder Mutual Funds as well as to some of their predecessor organizations.

He was named to the FDIC Advisory Committee on June 3, 2011.[2]


Herring received his undergraduate from Oberlin College in 1968, his MA from Princeton University in 1970, and his PhD from Princeton University in 1973.


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