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Founded 2013
Headquarters Menlo Park, California
Key People Baiju Bhatt (Founder, CEO); Vlad Tenev (Co-founder)
Employees 200-500
Products Robinhood trading app
Twitter @robinhoodapp
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Facebook Page
Website Robinhood Home
Blog Robinhood Blog

Robinhood is a fintech company founded in 2013. Its primary product is an investment app that offers trading services for stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrency.[1][2]

Robinhood's investment platform is protected by the SIPC, which insures its investors up to $500,000.[3] It is also regulated by FINRA and is listed on FINRA's BrokerCheck.[4]

The app offers its trading services free of commission fees. In place of these fees, the company makes its revenue by selling premium services, selling order flow to market makers on stock exchanges, and by charging interest on funds users keep in their Robinhood accounts.[5][6]

Robinhood was designed for "the next generation" of traders, and targets millennials. On its website, it encourages new traders to learn about trading using various tools integrated into the app's user interface, such as candlestick charts, which were added in September 2018.[7][8] Part of its stated goal is to "build a financial product that would enable everyone—not just the wealthy—access to financial markets." [9]

Robinhood partnered with Chicago-based trading firm Jump Trading LLC, which had already begun engaging in digital asset trading in November 2017. The partnership allowed Robinhood to offer free digital asset trading by sending digital asset trade orders to trading venues for execution. Nora Chan, a spokeswoman for Robinhood, said that Robinhood sends its orders to more than one trading venue - this could mean exchanges, brokers, market-makers or OTC trading desks. She did not confirm that Robinhood uses Jump to execute trades, and a rep from Jump declined to comment on the matter.[10]

In December of 2018, Robinhood launched a new feature that allowed users to essentially hold a checking account through the platform. The company said these accounts would be insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corp (SIPC). However, Stephen Harbeck, president and CEO of the SIPC, said in a Bloomberg interview that these accounts were not insured by the SIPC.[11]

Company History

Robinhood announced the development of its app, including the promise of "zero-commission trading," in 2013.[12] The same year, Robinhood received approval from FINRA to operate as a broker-dealer.[13] The company raised $3 million in seed funding from Index Ventures. The following year, the company raised an additional $13 million from investors; notable investors besides Index Ventures included Stockwits co-founder Howard Lindzon, Jared Leto, and Snoop Dogg.[14]

Robinhood's CEO, Baiju Bhatt, said at a public TechCrunch Disrupt SF talk on September 6, 2018 that the company had begun the processes of looking for a CFO to expand their business, as well as undergoing audits from the SEC and FINRA. Around the same time, the company announced plans to launch an IPO.

In September 2018, Robinhood had over 5 million worldwide users.[15]

In August of 2020, the New York-based hedge fund D1 Capital Partners invested $200 million in Robinhood, giving it a valuation of $11.2bn.[16]

Robinhood, along with several other online trading platforms, was used in January 2021 by retail traders who flooded into stocks of struggling companies like GameStop and AMC that were championed by WallStreetBets, an online community on the website Reddit. The retail buyers caught some institutional market participants and hedge funds off-guard and spurred heavy losses among short sellers. Robinhood was forced to raise $1 billion from its investors on January 28, 2021 to help cover demands for collateral from the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. Amid the buying surge, the company also temporarily disallowed purchases of certain shares, a curb that incited the ire of its customers and drew criticism from some legislators. In addition, at least two class-action lawsuits were filed against Robinhood that charged the brokerage prevented investors from profiting by blocking them from purchasing shares. [17] [18] [19]

Robinhood raised another $2.4 billion from shareholders a few days later, in addition to the $1 billion from investors.[20]

New York Trading Licenses

In January 2019, the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) granted Robinhood a Bitlicense, official approval to trade cryptocurrency.[21] The DFS also gave Robinhood license to carry out money transfers.[22][23]

Key People

  • Baiju Bhatt - Founder and CEO
  • Vlad Tenev - Co-founder


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