Ronan Ryan

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Ronan Ryan
Ronan Ryan.jpg
Occupation President
Employer IEX Group
Location New York
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Ronan Ryan is president of IEX Group.[1] He has more than nine years of experience in the financial services industry and more than 17 years of experience in networking infrastructure.[2] Before becoming president he was chief strategy officer at the exchange.


He was previously the head of electronic trading strategy at RBC Capital Markets. Before working at RBC, he was head of financial services development at Switch and Data and head of Direct Market Access and co-location solutions at BT Radianz where he serviced some of the largest trading firms in the financial industry. Earlier in his career, Ryan spent 8 years as account manager and account executive at telecommunications firms Qwest and MCI.

Born and raised in Dublin, he moved to America in 1990, when he was 16. [3]


Ryan graduated from Fairfield University in 1996.


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