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Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange (SOFFEX)

The Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange (SOFFEX) became the first-ever electronic exchange 20 years ago and fueled the subsequent rapid growth of electronic derivatives and equities markets. A decade later, SOFFEX joined Germany's DTB electronic exchange - a former customer - to form derivatives exchange powerhouse Eurex.


SOFFEX was launched in 1988 as the world's first all-electronic securities exchange.[1] and helped break the ground for today's rapid expansion of electronic trading. It also helped fuel the rise of pan-European derivatives exchange Eurex by licensing its proprietary trading system to the German all-electronic derivatives exchange DTB, which Deutsche Borse launched in 1990 and later snagged market share from Matif and LIFFE. DTB and SOFFEX, then owned and operated by SWX Swiss Exchange[2] then merged in 1998 to form Eurex, the world's first transnational derivatives market.

Latest news

SWX Swiss Exchange's parent company, SWX Group, joined the new Swiss Financial Market Services AG in 2007 after being part of a three-way merger with SIS Group and Telekurs Group. The new group plans to promote SWX Swiss Exchange and SWX Europe as "pre-eminent liquidity venues for Swiss securities trading."[3]


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