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Sanjeev Joshipura
Occupation Account Director
Employer Taproot Foundation
Location Washington D.C.
LinkedIn Profile

Sanjeev Joshipura Washington, DC-based trade group professional. He is an account directory with the Taproot Foundation, a management consulting organization.

He is the former president of the Commodity Markets Council (CMC). He was appointed the the position in July, 2012, replacing Christine Cochran and left in April of 2013.

Joshipura has served at CMC as senior vice president and vice president since March, 2010. [1]


Joshipura came to the CMC after serving as a fellow of the United States House of Representatives Budget and Joint Economic Committees, specifically, under Congressman Paul Ryan. Prior to working for Congress, Joshipura was employed by the private sector at multinational corporations with positions as a financial analyst for Hewitt Associates, manager at Siemens Medical Solutions and an analyst for the Housing Finance Corporation.[2]

Joshipura has also served as a deputy campaign manager for Illinois senatorial candidate Chirinjeev Kathuria in 2003.

John Lothian News Interviews

Sanjeev Joshipura of the Commodity Markets Council on Dodd-Frank in 2013
Sanjeev Joshipura, president of Commodity Markets Council, talks about how Dodd-Frank rules will impact his membership base. Joshipura talks with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about the future of the controversial position limit rule, which was vacated by a US District Court on September 28, 2012. A new position limit rule is expected from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which will include a cost-benefit analysis. CMC is also focused on the CFTC’s reauthorization this year and the continuation of EMIR regulations. Joshipura also talks about US and EU regulatory harmonization and the challenges facing that goal. Published Feb. 7, 2013.[3]


Joshipura holds an MBA from the University of Toronto in Canada, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Pune University in India, and a Certificate of Financial Risk Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology.


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