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R. Scott Parsons
Occupation Government Affairs Consulting
Employer Delta Strategy Group
Location Washington, DC
LinkedIn Profile
Website www.deltastrategygroup.com

R. Scott Parsons is a co-founder of the government affairs consulting firm Delta Strategy Group.[1][2][3] Delta Strategy provides strategic consulting, political analysis, lobbying, and business development.[4][5]


Parsons came to Washington, DC in 1997 to work for newly-elected Congressman Chip Pickering from Mississippi. With Pickering, Parsons was eventually promoted to legislative director.

He later went to work as a policy advisor for then just-appointed CFTC commissioner James Newsome. When Newsome was appointed chairman of the CFTC, Parsons was named chief of staff and chief operating officer for the commission. At 27 years of age, he became the youngest person to carry the chief of staff title at the CFTC and the first COO in the agency’s history.[6]

Parsons served as the CFTC staff representative to the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.

After working for the U.S. government for six years, Parsons left the CFTC in August of 2004 to become the executive vice president of the Managed Funds Association, a Washington-based trade association representing the interests of hedge funds and hedge fund managers.[7][8]

In July of 2006, Parsons left MFA to form his own government affairs company, Parsons Strategies. Later in early 2010, he teamed up with former CFTC Chairman and NYMEX CEO James Newsome to form Delta Strategy Group.[9]


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