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Rolfe & Nolan Plc

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Rolfe & Nolan is the [[exchange-traded derivatives]] [[subsidiary]] of [[ION Trading]]. The firm was purchased by ION in July of 2008.
Founded in 1974, Rolfe & Nolan is a supplier of work flow supplies front, middle and back office processing solutionsto the global derivatives industry.<ref>{{cite web|url= |name=About Rolfe & Nolan |org=Rolfe & Nolan |date=December 11, 2007}}</ref>to the international [[derivatives]] industry.
The company’s client base includes over 125 global [[investment bank]]s, regional [[bank]]s, [[brokerage]]s and [[exchange]]s across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Rolfe & Nolan is headquartered in London and has operations in Chicago, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Milan and Frankfurt.