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Brian Fox

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== John Lothian News Interviews ==
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'''Confirmations: Plugging Into Electronic Confirmations'''<br />
Capital Confirmation, which runs [[]], is credited with helping to unveil the massive $215 million fraud at [[Peregrine Financial Group]] (PFG) in July 2012. The web-based audit confirmation service was hired by the [[National Futures Association]] (NFA) last year and applied its technology to PFG. After forcing PFG to use the electronic confirmation service, rather than use the traditional paper-based auditing system, PFG’s fraud was discovered by the NFA.
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'''Brian Fox of Talks About Exposing & Preventing Brokerage Fraud'''<br />
Brian Fox, founder and chief marketing officer of [[]], found his firm in the midst of one of the largest frauds in futures history several months ago. Hired by the [[National Futures Association]] to electronically confirm customer account balances that futures brokers report with the actual balances held at their banks, helped expose the PFGBest fraud. Brian Fox spoke with John Lothian News editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about the case, how the confirmation system works and just how far electronic confirmations in the futures brokerage space can go to prevent fraud. Published September 28, 2012. <ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Brian Fox of Talks About Exposing & Preventing Brokerage Fraud||date=September 28, 2012}}</ref> '''[ Watch at]'''