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Futures Industry Association

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| foundation = 1955
| location = 2001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 600, Washington , D.C.20006[[Image:Map_Of_FIA_Washington_Headquarters.jpg|180px|Image: 180 pixels]]| keypeople = [[Walt Lukken]], President and CEO| products = Advocacy association for futures (and options) industry, reports, publications, conferences| facebook = FIAConnect| twitter = FuturesIndustry FIAconnect
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The Futures Industry Association (FIA) is a U.S.-based industry advocacy and education organization, providing a range of products and support for members in domestic regulatory affairs and, increasingly, for . It is the leading global [[futures trading|trade organization for the futures]] and [[, options]] industry. The FIA also has an arm and centrally cleared derivatives markets, with offices in Asia called [[FIA Asia]]Brussels, London, Singapore and Washington, D.C.
The FIA's regular primary members are [[futures commission merchant]]s, while [[derivatives]] [[exchange]]s, individuals and other affiliated organizations are classed classified as associate members. Regular members are account for All told, the FIA represents more than 80 percent of customer business transacted on U360 firms and 28,000 individuals.S. futures exchanges.<ref>{{cite web|org=FIA|name=Press Release|url=|date=November 4, 2007}}</ref>
The global management team includes regional representatives. [[FIA Law & Compliance DivisionWalt Lukken]] monitors legal serves as global president and regulatory developments impacting CEO of the organization. [[futuresBruce Savage]] will serve as head of Europe beginning in August 2019 and [[derivativesBill Herder]] industryis head of Asia. Functional heads lead the advocacy, legal, operations and finance teams.
In June Affiliates of 2011, the FIA announced the formation of the are [[FIA European Principal Traders Association]](FIA EPTA), a forum established for firms that [[tradeFIA Japan]] their own [[capital]] to identify and discuss issues confronting their trading community. The group was expected to work to define common positions on public policy issues, improve the public’s understanding of the constructive role played by [[FIA Principal Traders Group|principal trading group]]s in the [[exchange-traded]] [[market]]s and promote [[cost]]-effective(FIA PTG), equal FIA Technology Services (FIA Tech) and the [[transparentInstitute for Financial Markets]] access to European markets(IFM).<ref>{{cite web|org=FIA|name=Press ReleaseFIA Affiliates|url=http|date=June 8August 11, 20112017}}</ref>
In June of 2013, the FIA announced an agreement in principle with the [[Futures and Options Association]] to form an affiliation of the two organizations under a new structure called [[FIA Global]]. This new structure is intended to enable the two associations to strengthen their influence on cross-border issues, increase coordination between regions, and express the views of FOA and FIA members. Both organizations will continue to operate with their own leadership and staff, separate boards of directors, and distinct membership.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=FIA press release|org=Futures Magazine|date=June 24, 2013}}</ref> The FIA has been a [[Sponsor Page|Contributor-level sponsor]] of [[MarketsWiki]] since 2008.
== History ==
The FIA was founded in New York in 1955 as the Association of Commodity Exchange Firms to provide a discussion forum and means for improving the operating efficiency of the U.S. futures industry, as well as an educational and informational interface with the public. The association expanded in 1973 to include Chicago-based [[FCMs]] and changed its name to the Futures Industry Association in 1978, relocating to Washington D.C.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Futures industry in USA and the role Chicago plays- Jerry Cedicci-Robin Trehan|org=PRLog|date=December 12, 2008}}</ref>
While continuing to focus on domestic issues, such as [[Commodities Futures Trading Commission]] reauthorization and industry consolidation - including a high-profile stance in the merger of the [[Chicago Mercantile Exchange]] and the [[Chicago Board of Trade]]<ref>{{cite web|url=|org=FIA|name=Press Release|date=January 3, 2008}}</ref>, the - FIA has expanded its global reach, creating [[FIA Asia]] in 2006 and increasing co-operation with the European-focused [[Futures and Options Association]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Press Release|org=FOA|date=January 3, 2008}}</ref> The FIA's [[Futures Hall of Fame]], stablished established in 2005, annually recognizes those who have made a mark on the industry.
The In January 2010, the FIA also offers educational books formed the FIA Principal Traders Group to represent proprietary trading groups. That move was followed by the formation of the [[FIA European Principal Traders Association]] in June 2011. Both are regionally focused non-profits created to provide a forum for firms that [[trade]] their own [[capital]] to identify and coursesdiscuss issues confronting their trading community. The groups work to define common positions on public policy issues, ethics improve the public’s understanding of the constructive role played by [[FIA Principal Traders Group|principal trading group]]s in the [[exchange-traded]] [[market]]s and antipromote [[cost]]-money trainingeffective, equal and historical and static industry data through its affiliated nonprofit foundation, the [[Institute for Financial Marketstransparent]] or IFMaccess to markets.<ref>{{cite web|org=FIA|name=Press Release|url=|date=June 8, 2011}}</ref>
== Leadership ==*Continuing with the organization's increasingly global focus, in June of 2013, the FIA announced an agreement with the [[Walt Lukken]] President Futures and CEO*[[John M. DamgardOptions Association]], Senior Advisor to form an affiliation of the Board*two organizations under a new structure called [[Barbara WierzynskiFIA Global]]. This new structure is intended to enable the two associations to strengthen their influence on cross-border issues, EVP & General Counsel*[[Mary Ann Burns]]increase coordination between regions, EVP, Industry Relations*[[Will Acworth]], Senior Vice President, Communications*[[Allison Lurton]], Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel*[[Guy Sheetz]], Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Administrative Officer*[[Dawn Stump]], Senior Vice President and Head of Government Affairs*[[Adoncia Boykins]], Director of Member Services*[[Joanne Morrison]], Director express the views of Communications FOA and Deputy Editor*[[Marsha Saunders]], DirectorFIA members.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=FIA press release|org=Futures Magazine|date=June 24, Conferences & Tradeshows2013}}</ref>
In January 2012On August 27, 2015, the boards of FIA, [[Walt LukkenFIA Europe]] was named as and [[FIA Asia]] announced they agreed to formally merge the president and CEO three associations in the first quarter of the FIA2016, further strengthening its global footprint.<ref>{{cite web|url=http|name=FIA Announces Leadership Succession (PDF)|org=, FIA|date=January 10, 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|name=NYSE’s Lukken set to head futures associationEurope and FIA Asia Announce Merger Plans|org=Financial Times|date=January 10, 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Walter Lukken front-runner for FIA top job|org=Financial Times|date=January 9August 27, 20112015}}</ref>
[[Bill Herder]] is the executive director The merger of FIA, FIA Europe and FIA Asiainto a single organization took effect on January 8, 2016. He was named to the position in February of 2012<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=FIA Kicks Off New Year as Single, Global Organization|org=FIA|date=January 11, 2016}}</ref>
=== Board of Directors =Industry Advocacy ==The FIA in March of 2014 announced serves as a liaison between the election of board directors of FIA globalindustry and Congress, at its annual meeting in Boca Raton, Fla. Following the election, CFTC and other regulators whose activities affect the new board elected the association’s officers and public directors. All directors will serve two-year terms unless otherwise notedderivatives markets. The board of FIA global comprises nine elected directors staff monitors legislative and the chairs of the three underlying organizations. In additionregulatory developments, the chief executive officer of FIA, the chief executive officer of FIA Europeattends CFTC meetings and Congressional hearings, testifies before Congress and regulators and writes comment letters on proposed rules and other issues that impact the chief executive director of FIA Asia serves as non-voting director of FIA Globalindustry.
Following the electionFor example, in 2016 FIA filed more than 70 comment letters with regulators around the new board elected the association’s officers globe, focusing on such issues as clearing equivalence, [[MiFID II]] implementation and public directorscapital requirements proposed by the [[Basel Committee]].<ref name=YearInReview />
The following directors were elected as officers by the new board:==Affiliates==
* [[Michael C. Dawley]], Managing Director, Global Co-Head Affiliates of Futures and Derivatives Clearing Services, FIA are [[Goldman, Sachs & Co.FIA European Principal Traders Association]](FIA EPTA), was re-elected as Chairman* [[Jerome KempFIA Japan]], Global Head of Exchange-Traded Derivatives Sales and Clearing, [[Citigroup]] Global Markets Limited, was elected as vice chairman* [[Steve Sparke]], FIA Principal Traders Group Chief Operating Officer and Head of Financial Futures, [[Marex]], and chairman(FIA PTG), FIA Europe, was elected as treasurer* [[Najib Lamhaoua]], Global Head of Exchange-Traded Derivatives Technology Services (FIA Tech) and OTC Clearing, the [[HSBCInstitute for Financial Markets]] Securities (USAIFM) Inc.<ref>{{cite web|org=FIA|name=FIA Affiliates|url=|date=August 11, was elected as secretary2017}}</ref>
The following individuals were elected as public directors to the FIA Global board by Tech is FIA's for-profit software subsidiary which operates four systems: the new boardElectronic Give-Up System (EGUS), Project Atlantis, the Reconcilition Software (eRECS) and OCR Data Service. <ref>{{cite web|org=FIA|name=FIA Tech|url=|date=August 14, 2017}}</ref>
* [[Craig Abruzzo]], Managing Director, [[Morgan Stanley]]* [[Michael Dawley]], Managing Director, Global Co-Head FIA Japan was formed as a chapter of Futures and Derivatives Clearing Services, [[Goldman, Sachs]] & Co. * [[David Escoffier]],Chief Executive Officer, [[Newedge]]* [[Jeffery Jennings]], Managing Director, FIA before FIA became FIA Global Head of Prime Derivatives Services, [[Credit Suisse Securities]] (USA) LLC* [[Peter G. Johnson]], Managing Director, Global Head of Futures, OTC Clearing It acts as the Japanese liaison with FIA's Washington headquarters and FX Prime Brokerage, [[Bank many of America Merrill Lynch]]* [[Jerome Kemp]],Global Head FIA Japan's members are members of Exchange-Traded Derivatives Sales and Clearing, [[Citigroup]] Global Markets Limited*[[Najib Lamhaouar]],Global Head of Exchange-Traded Derivatives and OTC Clearing, [[HSBC]] Securities (USA) Inc*[[Emily Portney]],Global Head of Agency Clearing, Collateral Management and Execution, [[JFIA.P<ref>{{cite web|org=FIA Japan|name=FIA Japan|url=https://goo. Morgan]] Securities LLC*[[Ajay Singh]], Global Head of Listed Derivativesgl/n6vcZv|date=August 14, Deutsche Bank AG2017}}</ref>
The following individual will serve as the exIFM is an independent, non-officio directors profit affiliate of the Futures Industry Association (FIA Global board:)focused on education.
*[[Michael Yarian]], Managing Director, Head of Agency Derivatives Services, [[Barclays]], FIA EPTA and chairmanFTA PTG are similar advocacy organizations representing proprietary traders. FIA PTG was founded in 2010 has 23 member firms in the Americas.<ref>{{cite web|org=FIA PTG|name=FIA PTG|url=|date=August 14, 2017}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|org=FIA*[[Steve Sparke]]PTG Annual Reports|name=FIA PTG Annual Reports|url=|date=August 14, Group Chief Operating Officer 2017}}</ref> FIA EPTA was founded in 2011 and Head of Financial Futures, [[Marex]], and chairman, has 28 member firms in Europe.<ref>{{cite web|org=FIA EPTA|name=FIA Europe*[[Jason Scott]]EPTA|url=|date=August 14, Managing Director, Head of Listed Derivatives Asia, [[Deutsche Bank]], and chairman, FIA Asia2017}}</ref>
The following individual will serve as ex-officio non-voting directors of == Membership ==FIA Global's membership<ref name="membership">{{cite web|url=|name=FIA Member Firms|org=Futures Industry Association|date=October 15, 2007}}</ref> includes more than 350 corporate members. Regular members are [[futures commission merchant]]s. Associate members include U.S. and international [[exchange]]s and [[clearing house|clearinghouses]], banks, legal and accounting firms, [[introducing broker]]s, [[commodity trading advisor]]s, [[commodity pool operator]]s and other market users, and information and service providers headquartered in the US and abroad.
*[[Walt Lukken]], chief executive officer, FIA*[[Simon Puleston Jones]], chief executive officer, FIA Europe*[[Bill Herder]], executive director, FIA Asia'''Primary members'''<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=FIA Global Elects Directors |org=FIA Global|date=March 12, 2014}}<"membership" /ref>are only clearing members holding customer funds.
'''Associate members'''<ref name== Industry Advocacy ==The FIA serves as a liaison between the industry "membership" /> are U.S. and Congressinternational exchanges and clearinghouses, the CFTC and other regulators whose activities affect the derivatives markets. FIA staff monitors legislative banks, legal and regulatory developmentsaccounting firms, attends CFTC meetings introducing brokers, commodity trading advisors, commodity pool operators and Congressional hearingsother market users, testifies before Congress and regulators information and writes comment letters on proposed rules service providers headquartered in the U.S. and other issues that impact the industryabroad.
In March A full list of 2008, the FIA published a white paper, "Market Participant’s Perspective: Status of Transaction (Clearing primary and Exchange) Fees on a Global Basis,"<ref>{{cite web|url=httpassociate members can be found [|name=Market Participant’s Perspective: Status of Transaction (Clearing and Exchange) Fees on a Global Basis|org=Futures Industry Association|date=March 19, 2008}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=http:node/1788/|name=Market Participant’s Perspective: Status of Transaction (Clearing and Exchange) Fees on a Global Basis, with Appendix|org=Futures Industry Association|date=March 19, 2008}}</ref> prepared for the FIA by [[Mark Connelly]] of [[SunGard]].
In == Data and Publications ==[[MarketVoice]] is published bimonthly, except July and August of 2009, the by FIA submitted a response to the CFTC about a proposed rule making with respect to the Commission's determination to collect certain data through a new for brokerage firm management, futures professionals, active corporate, [[Ownership institutional]] and Control Reportindividual [[trader]] (OCR)s, members of Congress and their staffs, regulatory officials, and domestic and international press.<ref> {{cite web|name=Home page|url =|name = Account Ownership and Reportasp|org = Futures Industry AssociationMagazine|date = October 6November 5, 20092007}}</ref>
In September of 2009, FIA collects and compiles daily [[John Damgardtrading volume]] spoke to the House Committee of Agriculture on the proposed regulations in the and [[OTCopen interest]] markets <ref>{{cite web|url =|name = Testimony of John M. Damgard|org = Futures Industry Association|date = October 6, 2009}}</ref> data on all domestic and the FIA submitted their responses to the possible harmonization of the international [[Securities Exchange Commissionfutures contract|futures]] , options on futures and the [[Commodity Futures Trading Commissionstock index]]es, interest rate and currency contracts traded on U. <ref> {{cite web|url =|name = Submission for the Record on Harmonization File Number 4-588|org = Futures Industry Association|date = October 6, 2009}}</ref> The FIA also submitted to the [[Commodity Futures Trading Commissionsecurities]] there perspective exchanges. Reports on the treatment of cleared only volume and [[derivativesopen interest]]are made available to FIA members and other industry participants. <ref> {{cite web|url =|name = Seperate Account Class for Cleared Only Derivatives|org = Futures Industry Association|date = October 6, 2009}}</ref>
== Data and Publications ==In addition to monthly statistics, the [[Futures Industry Magazinevolume]] report includes comparisons with previous year and year-to-date figures. The information is published six times compiled both by exchange and by commodity group, highlighting significant changes. Each January, FIA creates a year -end report which provides information by the FIA commodity group for brokerage firm management, futures professionals, active corporate, [[institutional]] five years and individual [[trader]]s, members graphically provides more than 20 years of Congress and their staffsdata. In 2016, regulatory officialsFIA debuted its SEF Tracker, an interactive data portal for market participants to look at volume and domestic market share trends in interest rate, FX and international presscredit products traded via SEFs. <ref>{{cite web|name=Home page|url=http:YearInReview //|org=Futures Industry Magazine|date=November 5, 2007}}</ref>
The FIA collects also offers educational books and compiles daily [[trading volume]] and [[open interest]] data on all domestic and international [[futures contract|futures]]courses, options on futures ethics and [[stock index]]esanti-money training, interest rate and currency contracts traded on U.S. [[securities]] exchanges. Reports on volume historical and static industry data through its affiliated nonprofit foundation, the [[open interestInstitute for Financial Markets]] are made available to FIA members and other industry participantsor IFM.
In addition to monthly statistics, the == Leadership ==<gallery>File:WaltLukken2013.jpg|[[volumeWalt Lukken]] report includes comparisons with previous year , President and yearCEOFile:WillAcworth.jpg|[[Will Acworth]], Senior Vice President of Publications, Data & ResearchFile:Emma Davey-to1-date figures(2). The information is compiled both by exchange JPG|[[Emma Davey]], Chief Commercial OfficerFile:Bill Herder.jpg|[[Bill Herder]], Head of Asia-PacificFile:CharlieJones.jpg|[[Charlie Jones]], Senior Vice President of Global Brand ManagementFile:Allison Lurton.jpg|[[Allison Lurton]], Senior Vice President & General CounselFile:JacquelineMesa.jpg|[[Jacqueline Mesa]], Chief Operating OfficerFile:GuySheetz.jpg|[[Guy Sheetz]], Senior Vice President & Chief Financial OfficerFile:Download.jpg|[[Bruce Savage]], Head of Europe</gallery> [ London Office, Singapore Office, Washington, DC Office] === Board of Directors === '''Officers:'''<br> *[[Jerome Kemp]], Global Head of Futures and by commodity groupOTC Clearing, [[Citigroup Global Markets]]; Chairman*[[Nicholas Rustad]], highlighting significant changesJ. Each JanuaryP. Morgan Securities, Vice Chairman*[[Clark Hutchison]], Managing Director, [[Deutsche Bank]]; Treasurer*[[Najib Lamhaouar]], [[HSBC Bank plc]]; Secretary '''Board Members:'''<br>*[[Eric Aldous]], Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets*[[Clive Christison]], Chief Executive Officer, Global Oil – Americas, BP Products North America Inc.*[[Gerald Corcoran]], Chairman and CEO, R.J. O'Brien & Associates LLC*[[Robert Creamer]], President, Geneva Trading*[[Alicia Crighton]], Goldman, Sachs & Co. LLC*[[John Dabbs]], Global Head of Prime Derivative Services, Credit Suisse Securities*[[Michael C. Dawley]], Bluefin Partners, LLC*[[Jan Bart de Boer]], Chief Commercial Officer, ABN AMRO Clearing*[[Thomas Erickson]], Corporate Compliance Lead, Cargill*[[Scott Gordon]], Rosenthal Collins Group, L.L.C.*[[Arthur Hahn]], Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP*[[Christopher Hehmeyer]], CEO, Hehmeyer Trading + Investments*[[Mark Ibbotson]], Group Chief Executive Officer, [[G.H. Financials]]*[[Tom Kadlec]], President, [[ADM Investor Services]]*[[Christophe Lattuada]], Societe Generale*[[Walter L. Lukken]], President and Chief Executive Officer, [[FIA creates a year-end report which provides information by commodity group for five years ]]*[[David Martin]], Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Securities*[[Jason Radzik]], Managing Director, BNP Paribas*[[Kenneth Raisler]], Partner, [[Sullivan & Cromwell LLP]]*[[Nicholas Rustad]], Global Head of Clearing, [[J.P. Morgan Securities]]*[[George Simonetti]], Managing Director, Head of Markets Clearing and graphically provides more than 20 years Futures Execution, [[Wells Fargo Securities, LLC]]*[[Steve Sparke]], Chief Operating Officer, [[Marex Spectron]]*[[Jason Swankoski]], orth American Head of dataDerivative Clearing, [[Morgan Stanley]]*[[Dean Tonkin]], Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch*[[Michael Voisin]], Global Head of Capital Markets , [[Linklaters]] '''Advisory Boards:''' *[ Americas Advisory Board]*[ Asia-Pacific Advisory Board]*[ Europe Advisory Board]
== Industry Events ==
The FIA hosts a number of annual and single-session events and conferences in cities around the world. Events can have a broad industry focus, for example, the annual [[FIA Futures & Options Expo|Futures & Options Expo]] showcases risk management products, trading tools, books and exchange and technology products as presented by more than 100 USU.S. and international companies. The Expo also offers a variety of sessions that allow participants to discuss industry trends, hear experts' views on key issues, improve trading skills and learn about new products, systems and practices. The programs include sessions for business, operations and technology professionals, and traders. More than 45,000 people from more than 30 countries around the world attend Expo in a typical year ranging from senior staff at brokerage firms and exchanges to professional traders, floor traders, [[CTA]]s CTAs and [[CPO]]sCPOs, and individual investors. The first Expo, in a trial run, was held on the [[CME]] trading floor in the 1980s.
FIA events can also be much more in-depth and specific, such as the annual [http Law & Compliance Division WorkshopConference], which hosts compliance officers, attorneys and regulators to consider issues affecting the legal and regulatory framework of the derivatives industry.
In 2016, FIA hosted 27 regional and division events, drawing in 9,700 industry professionals from 60 countries and 226 exhibitors.<ref name=YearInReview>{{cite web|org=FIA|name=FIA 2016 Year In Review|url=|date=August 11, 2017}}</ref>
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== Membership Office Locations==The FIA's membership<ref name="membership">{{cite web|url=http[[File://|name=FIA Member Firms|org=Futures Industry Association700px|date=October 15, 2007}}</ref> includes nearly 250 corporate members. Regular members are [[Futures Commission MerchantImage: 700 pixels]]s *'''WASHINGTON, DC''', 2001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 600, Washington, D. Associate members include UC.S. and international [[exchange]]s and [[clearing house|clearinghouses]]20006*'''LONDON''', banksLevel 28, legal and accounting firmsOne Canada Square, [[Introducing Broker]]sCanary Wharf, [[Commodity Trading Advisor]]sLondon E14 5AB*'''BRUSSELS''', [[Commodity Pool Operator]]s and other market usersOffice 621, and information and service providers headquartered in the US and abroad.Square de Meeûs 37, 1000 Brussels*'''SINGAPORE''', Level 18 Centennial Tower, 3 Temasek Avenue, Singapore 039190
'''Regular members'''<ref name="membership" /> are [[futures commission merchant]]s. =John Lothian News Interviews==
{|cellpadding=1 cellspacing=15|'''[|*[[ADM Investor Services]]*[[Banc of America Securities LLC]]*[[Barclays Capital Inc.]]*[[BNP Paribas Commodity Futures, Inc.]]*[[Cantor Fitzgerald]]*[[Citigroup Global Markets Inc.]]*[[Country Hedging, Inc.]]*[[Credit Suisse Securities (USA), LLC]]*[[Daiwa Securities America Inc.]]*[[Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.]]*[[Goldman Sachs & Co.]]*[[HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.]]*[[ICAP|ICAP North America Inc.]]*[[Interactive Brokers LLC]]*[[J.P. Morgan Futures Inc.]]*[[Macquarie Futures USA Inc.]]*[[McVean Trading -markets-and Investments LLC]]|*[[Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc.]]*[[MF Global]]*[[Mid-Co Commodities, Inc.]]*[[Mizuho Securities USA Inc.]]*[[Morgan Stanley]] *[[Newedge Group]]*[[Nomura Securities International, Inc.]]*[[Penson GHCO]]*[[Prudential Bache Commodities, LLC]]*[[R.J. O'Brien & Associates, Inc.]]*[[Royal Bank the-fias-agenda/ Walt Lukken on the Power of Scotland Group Plc|RBS Securities Inc.]]*[[State Street Global Advisors|State Street Global Markets, LLCand the FIA’s Agenda]]*[[TD Ameritrade]]*[[UBS]] *[[Vision Financial Markets LLC]]*[[Wells Fargo Securities]]|}'''
'''Associate members'''<ref name="membership" /> are U.S. and international exchanges and clearinghousesIn this video from JLN’s Industry Leader Series, banks, legal FIA President and accounting firms, [[introducing broker]]s, [[commodity trading advisor]]s, [[commodity pool operator]]s CEO Walt Lukken talks about the power of markets and other market users, and information and service providers headquartered the FIA’s regulatory focuses in the U.S. and abroad2019.
{{#ev:youtube|cellpadding=1 cellspacing=15|-|*[[A J Leitner and Associates, LLC]]*[[Align International, LLC]]*[[Allen & Overy LLP]]*[[Allston Trading LLC]]*[[Alston & Bird LLP]]*[[Arnold & Porter LLP]]*[[Arthur Bell Certified Public Accountants]]*[[Association Francaise des Marches Financiers]]- AMAFI*[[Australia Securities Exchange/Sydney Futures Exchange]]*[[Bank of America Merrill Lynch]]*[[Barbara W. Bishop]]*[[Belvedere Trading]]*[[BGC Partners, Inc.]]*[[Blau & Bonavich]]*[[Blenheim Capital Management, LLC]]*[[Bloomberg Tradebook LLC]]*[[BM&F Bovespa]]*[[BMO Capital Markets]]*[[Bombay Stock Exchange]]*[[Borsa Italiana SPA]]*[[Boston Options Exchange Group, LLC]]*Bourse de Montreal Inc.- [[Montreal Exchange]]*[[BP Corporation North America, Inc.]]*[[Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.]]*[[Bunge]] Chicago, Inc.*[[Bursa Malaysia]]*[[Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft LLP]]*[[Calypso Technology]]*[[Campbell & Company Inc.]]*[[CBOE Futures Exchange]]*[[Chicago Board Options Exchange]]*[[Chicago Climate Exchange]]*[[Chicago Trading Company]]*[[Cinnober Financial Technology]]*[[Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C.]]*[[Clearing Corporation, The (CCorp.)]]*[[Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton]]*[[Clifford Chance LLP]]*[[CME Group]] *[[Commodity Floor Brokers and Traders Association]]*[[Connamara Systems, LLC]]*[[Consolidated Trading]]*[[Constellation Energy]]*[[CQG, Inc.]]*[[Crow & Associates]]*[[D.E. Shaw & Co., L.P.]]*[[Dalian Commodity Exchange]]*[[Davis Polk & Wardwell]]*[[Dechert LLP]]*[[Deloitte & Touche LLP]]*[[Dennis Murray]] - Consultant*[[Dewey & Leboeuf]]*[[Donald Horwitz Consulting]]*[[DRW Holdings, LLC]]*[[Dubai Mercantile Exchange]]*[[Eagle Seven LLC]]*[[ELX]]*[[Endeavor Trading LLC]]*[[Equinix, Inc.]]*[[Eris Exchange]]*[[Eurex]]*[[Federated Investors Inc.]]*[[FFastFill|FFastFill, P.L.C.]]*[[Fidessa Group]]*[[Fifth Third Bank]]*[[Financial Futures Association of Japan]]*[[Financial Markets Consulting LLC]]*[[Foley & Lardner LLP]]*[[Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson LLP]]*[[Fulbright & Jaworski]]*[[Futures Magazine]]*[[FuturesPoint, Inc.]]*[[G. H. Financials Limited]]*[[Gator Trading Partners]]*[[Geneva Trading]]*[[GETCO]]*[[GFI Group]]]*[[Global Risk Corp.]]*[[Grant Thornton LLP]]*[[Gresham Capital Management]]*[[Hard Eight Futures]]*[[Harris N.A.]]*[[Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx)]]*[[Hunt Consulting]]*[[ICE Clear US, Inc.]]*[[ICE Futures Canada, Inc.]]*[[ICE Futures Europe]]*[[ICE Future US]]*[[IMC Chicago]]*[[Infinium Capital Management]]*[[Intellectual Property Exchange International]]*[[Interactive Data 7ticks]]*[[InterContinentalExchange, Inc.]]*[[Intermarket Communications]] *[[International Derivatives Clearing Group]]*[[International Securities Exchange]]*[[ION Trading]]*[[Japan Commodity Futures Association]]*[[Japan Federation of Commodity Exchanges Inc.]]*[[John J. Lothian & Company, Inc.]]*[[John W. Henry & Company, Inc.]]*[[Jordan & Jordan]]*[[JSE Securities Exchange]] *[[K&L Gates LLP]]*[[Kansas City Board of Trade]]*[[Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP]]*[[Ketchum trading]]|*[[Knight Capital]]*[[Koch Industries, Inc.]]*[[Korea Exchange]]*[[Korea Financial Investment Association]]*[[Lawrence, Kamin, Saunders & Uhlenhop, L.L.C.]]*[[LCH.Clearnet Limited]]*[[Liquidity Port LLC]]*[[Mako Group]]*[[Managed Funds Association]] *[[Marex Financial Limited]]*[[MarketAxess]]*[[Marquette Partners]]*[[McDermott Will & Emery LLP]]*[[McGladrey & Pullen LLP]]*[[MEFF]] *[[Menaker & Herrmann LLP]]*[[Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires]] (MATba)*[[Mercado Mexicano de Derivados]] ([[MexDer]])*[[Millburn Ridgefield Corporation]]*[[Minneapolis Grain Exchange]]*[[Morgan, Lewis & Bockus LLP]]*[[Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange]]*[[Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.]]*[[NASDAQ OMX]]*[[NASDAQ OMX Futures Exchange]] (formerly [[Philadelphia Board of Trade]])*[[Nathan Law Office]]*[[National Cattlemen's Beef Association]] (NCBA)*[[National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited]] (NCDEX)*[[National Corn Growers Association]]*[[National Economic Research Associates]] (NERA)*[[National Futures Protection Fund]]*[[National Stock Exchange of India Limited]]*[[New York Mercantile Exchange]] (NYMEX)*[[New York Portfolio Clearing]]*[[Nico Holdings]]*[[Nodal Exchange]]*[[North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX)]]*[[Northern Trust Company]]*[[NYSE Euronext]]*[[NYSE Liffe]]*[[Object Trading Pty]]*[[Omgeo]]*[[OneChicago, LLC]]*[[OptionsCity Software]]*[[Options Clearing Corporation]]*[[Optiver US LLC]]*[[Orc Software Inc.]]*[[Patsystems]]*[[Positive Equity Ltd.]]*[[PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP]]*[[Promontory Financial Group, LLC]]*[[Proskauer Rose LLP]]*[[Proxima Clearing]]*[[RGM Advisors]]*[[Rosario Futures Exchange (ROFEX)]]*[[Ronald H. Filler & Associates, LLC]]*[[RTS Realtime Systems]]*[[Russell Investment Group]]*[[Russian Trading System Stock Exchange]]*[[Schiff Hardin LLP]]*[[Shanghai Futures Exchange]]*[[Shearman & Sterling LLP]]*[[SG Americas]]*[[Sidley Austin LLP]]*[[Singapore Exchange]] Ltd.*[[Singapore Mercantile Exchange]]*[[Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP]]*[[SNR Denton]]*[[Spot Trading]]*[[SSARIS Advisors LLC]]*[[Standard & Poor's]]*[[Stikeman Elliott LLP]]*[[Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP]]*[[Sullivan & Cromwell LLP]]*[[Sun Trading LLC]]*[[SunGard]]*[[Sutherland]]*[[Swiss Futures and Options Association]]*[[Taiwan Futures Exchange]]*[[Teigland-Hunt & Associates]]*[[Tellefsen and Company, L.L.C.]]*[[Term Commodities Inc.]]*[[Thailand Futures Exchange]]*[[The LaSalle Technology Group LLC]]*[[Tiberius Asset Management AG]]*[[Tokyo Commodity Exchange]]*[[Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc.]]*[[Tokyo Grain Exchange]]*[[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]]*[[TradeForecaster Global Markets LLC]]*[[TradeHelm, Inc.]]*[[Trading Technologies]]*[[TradingScreen Inc.]]*[[Traditum Group LLC]]*[[Traiana Inc.]]*[[Tudor Investment Corporation]]*[[Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TURKDEX)]]*[[WH Trading]]*[[West Monroe Partners]]*[[Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP]]*[[WilmerHale]]*[[Winston & Strawn LLP]]*[[WTD Consulting, Inc.]]*[[X-Change Financial Access, LLC]]*[[XR Trading]]*[[YJT Solutions, LLC]]iQktcYdfWlE|400}}
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