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William Harts

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William "Bill" Harts is CEO senior adviser of the [[Modern Markets Initiative]], a policy advisory group representing quantitative and [[high-frequency trading]] firms. He was previously CEO.<ref> {{cite web|url=|name=High-frequency trading critic Chilton joins HFT lobby effort|org=CNBC|date=August 21, 2014}}</ref> He joined the initiative in July 2014.
== Background ==
Harts has spent over 25 years in the financial sector, including exchanges, banks, trading firms and his own consulting firm. Prior to joining the MMI he served as head of strategy for sales and trading for [[Thomson Reuters]].<ref> {{cite web|url=|name=William R. Harts|org=Bloomberg Businessweek|date=August 21, 2014}}</ref> Before that, he served as a board member for financial software provider [[StreamBase Systems]]. From 2001-2003 he worked for [[NASDAQ]], first as executive vice president, then as head of corporate strategy. He has also held managing director positions at is a former head of electronic trading services for [[Bank of America]] Corp Securities and managing director of global program trading for [[Citigroup]] Inc.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=High-frequency trading group hires CEO, retains law firm|org=Reuters|date=August 25, 2014}}</ref> He has also held managing director positions at [[Salomon Smith Barney Shearson]], and also spent two years at [[Goldman Sachs]]. Harts was a member of the [[SEC]] Advisory Committee on Market Information. He also served as a director and vice chairman and member of the board of the [[Philadelphia Stock Exchange]] from 1994 through 1999. He has been a member of the board of directors of JapanCross, an electronic trading system for Japanese equities. He has served on the boards of [[BRUT]] and [[MarketXT]], two [[electronic communications networks]], as well as the managing advisory committee for Primex, an electronic auction facility of Nasdaq.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=William R. Harts|org=The Gilman Group|date=August 25, 2014}}</ref> 
== Education ==
Harts holds a bachelor's degree in business management and economics from the State University of New York.
==MarketsWiki Education==
Harts participated in the [[MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity]] series in New York at [[Nasdaq]] in July of 2016.
== References ==
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