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Hirander Misra

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<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Misra Starts London Derivatives Venue as Rival to Nasdaq|org=Bloomberg News|date=August 12, 2013}}</ref>
He is founder and deputy chairman of FinComEco, which stands for the financial Financial and commodities ecosystemCommodities Ecosystem. The firm is focused on improving food security, economic diversity through technology for each country and economic growth opportunities for small farmers to larger commercial firms. He has served the firm since April 2017.
He also serves as director and co-founder of [[Global Reporting Company]], or GRC, which is aimed at addressing regulatory reporting requirements. He has several non-executive roles as well , including director of [[Avenir | Technology]], which offers post-trade processing for exchanges, clearing houses and central securities depositories and share registrars. He has held that role since January 2015. From February 2015, he has served as non-executive director of [[ALTX Africa Group]], a Mauritius-based company that plans to build exchanges in Africa. He is non-executive director of the [[Central Asian Stock Exchange]], or CASE and the Close Joint Stock Company Central Depository, the registered exchange and depository in the Republic of Tajikistan. He has been in that role since September 2015. He is also non-executive chairman & co-Founder of [[Forum Trading Solutions]] Ltd., a matching and surveillance service for trading venues and financial trading firms.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Hirander Misra|org=LinkedIn|date=August 12, 2013}}</ref>
He is listed as director of [[Misra Ventures]], an advisory service to exchanges, markets and electronic trading firms.