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== History ==, Inc. was officially incorporated on Feb. 8, 2000 in [[Chicago, Illinois|Chicago]].
The company's legacy dates back to Logical Systems Inc., one of the first "internet-based financial data providers" which launched the online market data service called in 1995.<ref name="Barchart Profile">{{cite web | url= | name=Barchart CEO Haraburda discusses financial data business and our new partnership| org=FreightWaves| date= December 14, 2019}}</ref> As electronic trading in financial markets grew rapidly in the late 1990s, the company evolved into, Inc., or Barchart.<ref name="Global Marketplaces Go Digital">{{cite web|url= | name=Evolution Of The Marketplace: From Open Outcry To Electronic Trading
In February 2019, Barchart rebranded its Agricharts unit as cmdtyConnect, and was integrated into the full cmdty business line of products.<ref name="Barchart Press Release 2019">{{cite web | url=| name=Agricharts, the leading workflow solution for Agribusinesses, is becoming cmdtyConnect| org=Barchart PR Newswire | date=December 21, 2019}}</ref>
In October 2019, the company announced the cmdty Pricing Network, a commodity pricing service that aims to offer better data and price transparency by collecting and distributing wholesale data from participating member firms in agricultural markets. The service collects information on markets such as grains, fertilizer and proteins. <ref name="Barchart Press Release 2019">{{cite web | url=| name=Pricing Network to Drive Price Transparency in Ag Markets| org=CIO Applications | date=December 21, 2019}}</ref>  
== Products and Services ==