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''' Inc.''' is a Chicago-based privately-held financial technology company specializing in data services and technology in financial markets.
The firm connects directly to numerous [[equities]], [[futures]], [[options]], [[indices]], [[foreign exchange]] and [[cryptocurrency]] markets and exchanges worldwide and provides market data, analysis, charts, trading tools and software products.<ref> name="Waters Technology 2018">{{cite web | url= | name=Best Market Data Newcomer (Vendor or Product): Barchart| org=WatersTechnology | date=December 28, 2019}}</ref>
Barchart's customer-base ranges from financial exchanges to brokers, banks, trading and investment firms, commodities businesses in agriculture, oil and gas, metals, cryptocurrencies as well as media companies.<ref>{{cite web | url= | name=ITA Spotlight: Barchart| org=Illinois Technology Association | date=December 8, 2019}}</ref>