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Speedwell Weather Derivatives
Founded 1999
Headquarters London, UK & Alexandria, VA
Key People Steven Doherty, CEO
Products Software, weather data, forecasts to the weather/energy markets.
Website http://speedwellweather.com

Speedwell Weather Derivatives (SWD) provides software, weather data, forecasts and consultancy to the weather derivatives and energy markets. SWD is the provider of the Speedwell Weather System (SWS). SWD also helps companies looking to hedge against weather risk by quantifying such exposure, structuring an appropriate hedge and placing the risk within the weather market. Speedwell Weather Derivatives have clients in insurance, banking, investment funds, energy and broking sectors in Europe, North America, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. [1]

Products and Services

Speedwell Weather System (SWS)

  • SWS-Oasis is an open, client-server software application for the weather derivatives market which covers pricing, risk management, data and forecast warehousing and weather exposure analysis. Both the capital-markets, portfolio and actuarial methodologies used in the weather market are supported. SWS-Oasis integrates live OTC price and CME Group weather products data as well as with historical weather data and forecasts supplied by multiple suppliers. SWS functionality covers full support for front, middle and back office including the process management of the entire life cycle of a weather derivative trade. SWS is used by primary and secondary market traders in the USA and Europe and Asia.

Key People

  • Steven Dougherty, CEO
  • David Whitehead, Director of US Operations [2]


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