Steven Rattner

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Steven Rattner
Occupation Counselor to the Treasury Secretary
Employer U.S. Treasury Dept.
Location Washington, D.C.

Steven Rattner is a co-founder of the private-equity firm Quadrangle Group and is joining the U.S. Treasury Department as a counselor to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. He will lead a team advising the Obama administration on the automobile sector.

Rattner was thought to be the prime candidate for the roll of "car czar," but the Obama administration eliminated the idea of a “car czar” to supervise negotiations among the car makers, unions and others involved in the bailout.

The task force is primarily charged with administering a $17.4 billion bailout of General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC, and deciding whether the two auto makers should continue receiving government aid.[1]


Rattner started out as a financial reporter for The New York Times and has been active in New York’s Democratic Party, originally backing Hillary Clinton for President. His wife, Maureen White, was a co-chairwoman of finance for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

Rattner previously worked as a mergers and acquisitions specialist at Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley and Lazard.[2]



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