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Compagnie Financière Tradition (CFT)
Founded 1985
Headquarters (TFS) Stamford, CT & New York, NY
Products Currency, Equity, Energy (Weather & Power), Environmental, property and metal products

TFS is a subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Tradition (CFT), a financial and commodity-related broker. With offices worldwide,TFS covers currency options, equity derivatives, freight, precious metals, energy, property derivatives and pulp & paper markets.

TFS Energy brokers OTC energy and energy-related physical and derivative products --including electricity, natural gas, crude oil and refined products, coal, environmental products and weather derivatives-- and exchange-traded futures and options. In 2008, TFS launched weather auctions for their clients. [1]

Weather Auctions

Stamford-based TFS, is the largest broker of weather derivatives in the world. This year, TFS completed an auction on behalf of UBS[2] looking to hedge its risk. The deal totaled in excess of $60 million and ended up being oversubscribed because of the high amount of interest in the transaction. TFS also recently brokered the first-ever weather derivatives auction for a company in Rome[3]totaling $40 million. Other auctions included an auction for the agricultural industry [4] and the first auction for Asia.[5] These weather auctions traded over $160 million in notional value.


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