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TOCOM Mini-Gold futures trade on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM). They were launched on July 17, 2007[1].

Each TOCOM Mini-Gold futures contract represents 100 grams of deliverable grade gold, which is defined as fine gold of minimum 99.99% purity, and there is no delivery, unlike Standard Gold contract.

As of July 2008, each TOCOM Mini-Gold futures contract is subject to a margin rate of 18,000 yen [2].

In the second half of 2007, TOCOM Mini-Gold futures traded 455,212 contracts. In June 2008, TOCOM Mini-Gold futures traded 487,999 contracts.

TOCOM Mini-Gold futures
Exchange Tokyo Commodity Exchange
Settlement Cash settled
Contract Size 100 grams (one-tenth of standard contract)
Pricing Unit 100 yen
Tick Value 100 yen
Contract Months All even months within 6 months (on the day when a new contract month is generated, there will be 3 even months starting from the next even month after the month which the said day belongs to)
Last Trading Day The third business day prior to the Delivery Day
Note: This contract is electronic ONLY -- no open outcry
  No Open Outcry Electronic
Trading Hours N/A 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Ticker Symbol N/A N/A
Price Limits N/A Daily Price Fluctuation Limits are determined based on the largest market price movement within a certain period of time and are set at a level where the probability that they will be reached is very low[3].



Tokyo Commodity Exchange Gold Futures Contract Specifications


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