Taizo Nishimuro

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Taizo Nishimuro
Taizo Nishimuro.jpg
Occupation Chairman
Employer Tokyo Stock Exchange Group
Location Tokyo

Taizo Nishimuro is chairman of the board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group (TSE), Inc. He is also a member of the board of directors for International Business Machines (IBM)[1] and acts as an adviser to the board of Toshiba Corporation.

Nishimuro was named chairman of the board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) in June 2005. He also concurrently served TSE as president and chief executive officer from December 2005 to June 2007.

In 2008, Nishimuro, along with exchange president Atsushi Saito, took a 30 percent salary cut for a month following a futures trading system glitch. The exchange also cut the pay of TSE senior managing director Yasuo Tobiyama and managing director Yoshinori Suzuki by 20 percent for one month.[2]


Nishimuro was president and chief executive officer of Toshiba Corporation between June 1996 and June 2000 and subsequently served as chairman of Toshiba between June 2000 and June 2005.

He has been credited with steering Toshiba's videodisk system toward becoming the world standard, winning over a format proposed by Sony and Philips N.V.[3]

With the help of a surgical procedure in the U.S. while working for Toshiba, he dealt with a degenerative muscular disease. He was quoted in a BusinessWeek article as saying that his encounter with the "Western scientific approach" helped him develop an appreciation of Japan's reliance on consensus and the Western appreciation of risk-taking.[4]


Nishimuro received his B.S. in economics from Keio University.


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