Takamichi Hamada

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Takamichi Hamada
Occupation President and CEO
Employer Tokyo Commodity Exchange
Location Tokyo

Takamichi Hamada is the president and CEO of the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM). [1] He took over that role in June of 2015. He was previously executive vice president and COO of TOCOM. He returned to TOCOM in that role in 2014 after nearly 14 years, having previously been president of the exchange.


Hamada was previously senior executive officer at Fuji Electric Holdings, starting in June 2008. Before that he was the chairman of Venture Enterprise Center.

He did a previous stint as president of TOCOM starting in Oct. 2002.

His previous roles include first secretary at the Consulate of Japan in the United Arab Emirates; director of energy policy planning at the Director-General's Secretariat of the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy; director general, commerce, industry & labor division, Kagoshima Prefecture Office; and deputy director-general at the Industrial and Science Policy Environment Policy Bureau (METI).


He graduated from Tokyo University with a degree in Economics.


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