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FTSE Russell banner 2016.gif
FTSE Russell banner 2016.gif
Founded 2006
Headquarters Stockholm
Key People Jonas Hansbo
Employees 65 employees
Products Financial market technology
Website www.tbricks.com

Tbricks was a privately held trading technology provider servicing proprietary trading professionals beginning in February 2008. It was acquired by Orc Group in January 2015 and incorporated into Orc's trading platform. [1] They are a member of the FIX Protocol organization. [2][3] [4]


Tbricks opened an office in London in April 2010. [5] In June 2010, they opened an office in New York, however in 2013, they replaced it with a Chicago office.[6]

Tbricks announced in March of 2011 that the Evli Bank deployed the Tbricks platform for trading on Nordic markets. The bank adopted Tbrick's technology solution for trading in listed securities, cash and derivatives markets replacing their legacy system. [7]

In March of 2011 Tbricks also launched their ETF Trading application to facilitate trading, pricing, market-making, basket hedging and currency hedging in exchange traded funds. [8] Then in April of 2011 Tbricks announced the completed the integration of their data and trading interfaces with Lime Brokerage. [9]

Products and Services

Tbricks can assist with the building of trading applications, strategy development, liquidity and colocation as well as connectivity. Their out of the box solutions focus on volatility and algorithmic trading as well as computer-aided trading and arbitrage opportunities.

Key People


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