Thomas N. Rollinger

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Thomas N. Rollinger
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Occupation Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
Employer Red Rock Capital
Location Newport Beach, California
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Thomas N. Rollinger is managing partner and chief investment officer of Red Rock Capital, a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) located in Southern California and founded in 2003.

A 19-year industry veteran, Rollinger is the lead portfolio manager for both of Red Rock Capital’s two investment management programs, the Commodity Long-Short and Systematic Global Macro programs.

Rollinger has published a number of papers and articles on investing and funds. In the fall of 2012, he published a 37-page white paper "Revisiting Kat’s Managed Futures and Hedge Funds: A Match Made in Heaven", in August 2013 he co-authored "Sortino: A ‘Sharper’ Ratio", in April 2014 he wrote “Commodity Long-Short Investing for RIAs, HNWs, Fund of Hedge Funds, and Family Offices”, and in January 2016 he co-published “An Honest Update on the Trend Following Landscape.”[1][2][3][4]


Rollinger is a former protégé of the quantitative hedge fund pioneer Edward O. Thorp. (Thorp is most famous for devising the mathematical solution to beat the game of blackjack – i.e. “card counting” – and was called the “best ever” trader by Hedge Fund Market Wizards author Jack D. Schwager.)[5] He worked with Dr. Thorp at his family office, and he and Thorp co-developed and co-managed a systematic futures trading strategy that was featured in two best-selling books: Schwager’s Hedge Fund Market Wizards (2012) and Scott Patterson’s The Quants (2010).[6][7] Earlier in his career, Rollinger worked as a consultant to two top CTAs, he inspired the creation of an industry-leading trading system design software package, and he founded & managed a private, systematic global macro hedge fund.

After graduating from college in Michigan, Rollinger became a U.S. Marine Corps Officer. He served as a 1st Lieutenant in command of a 42-man infantry platoon and was selected to be promoted to the rank of Captain before resigning his commission.[8] He holds a finance degree with a minor in economics and is a Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Level 1 Charter Holder. An accomplished athlete, Rollinger previously competed in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship.[9]


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