Vesna Straser

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Vesna Straser
Occupation Director of Trading Analytics
Employer LiquidMetrix
Location New York
Twitter @vstraser

Vesna Straser is the director of analytics for LiquidMetrix.

Formerly, she was the product manager for trading analytics at CQG. Straser was brought to the company as a developer of algorithmic analysis and for execution performance advisory.[1][2]


Straser entered the workforce as a research associate at ITG Inc. From there, she was brought on as a vice president of Jefferies & Company, Inc. in 2004, focusing on quantitative research and modeling of automated trading strategies, transaction cost modeling and execution quality consulting. Two years later, Straser moved to Lehman Brothers where she served as VP, overseeing similar procedures.[3]

After the collapse of the investment bank in 2008, Straser became a director at Barclays Capital, where she headed algorithmic trading product management and transaction cost analysis. [4]


Straser received a Ph.D in Economics from Notre Dame in 2002.

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