Volkart Brothers

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Volkart Brothers
Founded 1851
Products Commodities trading house

Volkart Brothers is a trading house that was created with a focus on commodities.

The firm was founded in 1851 at Winterthur, Switzerland, and. Bombay, India, by the brothers Salomon Volkart and J.G. Volkart. The intention of the brothers was to establish direct commercial relations between India and the continent of Europe. At the outset the firms business was confined to the import of raw cotton and the export of manufactured goods to the Indies. On Oct. 1, 1857, a branch office was opened at Colombo. Its business activity was involved with the export of coconut oil, coffee, cinnamon, cotton and pearls.[1]This was later extended to all forms of Ceylon produce and a large agency business for shipping and insurance. They established two oil mills.[2]


In June of 1989, it was announced that Erb-Group had reached an agreement with Volkart to take over its worldwide coffee trading activities, including foreign subsidiaries.[3]

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