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Warren W. Lebeck was an exchange executive who served as president of the Chicago Board of Trade. He died in February 2008 at the age of 85.[1][2][3]

He came to the CBOT in the 1950s and was made president in 1973. He replaced Henry Hall Wilson, a former Kennedy and Johnson administration official who had become president in 1967.[4] He is credited with hiring economist Richard Sandor at the CBOT.[5][6]

He was a founding member of the board of the National Futures Association and later served as a public director after leaving the CBOT.[7][8][9] [10]


Lebeck was a Chicago native, born on March 13, 1921. He served as served as a gunnery officer with the Pacific fleet in World War II.

Lebeck, a former Navy officer, joined the CBOT in 1954 as assistant to the secretary and became secretary in 1957. He was promoted to executive vice president in 1965 and ultimately to president in 1973. He served as a consultant to the CBOT from 1977 to 1979.[11]

He became president of the CBOT at a pivotal time when the exchange was under criticism for the high price of foodstuffs. He was known for being a guardian of the CBOT's rules and for quoting them from memory.

He had also worked for Montgomery Ward before joining the CBOT.

As an advocate of this country's agricultural achievements, Lebeck served as a director of the National Grain Trade Council, the Agriculture Council of America [12] and the U.S. Feed Grain Council. He was a member of the Industry Advisory Committee for the University of Illinois Ag-Industry Forum and a member of the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee for the U.S. Trade Representative. [13]

As a member of the NFA Organizing Committee, Lebeck played a pivotal role in the organization's establishment and continued to serve in a leadership role as a director and member of the association's executive committee.


Lebeck was a graduate of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois.


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