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Founded 1992
Headquarters Germantown, MD, USA
Products Weather forecasting and data for capital markets

WeatherBug manages and operates the world's largest weather station network, continuously delivering live weather information. WeatherBug's technology supports its network of 8,000 Tracking Stations, creating a capability for real time weather monitoring not available from any other source. [1]


WeatherBug provides individuals, schools, businesses and government agencies with the most precise live weather conditions, the most relevant weather reports, and the earliest weather warnings to safeguard and to plan ahead. With 8,000 WeatherBug Tracking Stations and more than 1,000 cameras primarily based at neighborhood schools and public safety facilities across the U.S., WeatherBug maintains the largest exclusive weather network in the world. WeatherBug’s data is the only live neighborhood weather available anywhere.

WeatherBug developed a strong private/public partnership with the National Weather Service, aiding Homeland Security in 2002. [2]


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