Yutaka Imanishi

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Yutaka Imanishi
Yutaka Imanishipersonpic.jpg
Occupation CEO of TriOptima Asia Pacific
Employer TriOptima
Location Tokyo, Japan
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Yutaka Imanishi is the Chief Executive Officer of TriOptima Asia Pacific including TriOptima Japan where he established TriOptima’s office in Tokyo.[1]


Before joining TriOptima, Yutaka Imanishi was Head of Capital Markets at Nomura Singapore Ltd. and Head of Japan Desk at Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Sydney. He started in TriOptima's Singapore office as senior account executive, developing and managing client relationships.[2] Before being the CEO of TriOptima Asia Pacific, Yutaka Imanishi was the Director of TriOptima Japan overseeing the expansion of TriOptima’s compression and reconciliation services in the North Asia Region and developing TriOptima’s Tokyo office and staff.


Yutaka Imanishi holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Rikkio University in Tokyo, Japan and a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.[3]


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