Alexandra "Lexy" Prodromos

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Alexandra Prodromos
Occupation Business development manager
Employer Bloq

Alexandra (Lexy) Prodromos is business development manager at Bloq, a fintech company specializing in dApps and blockchain technology. In that role, she promotes Bloq's software and venture initiatives.

She also volunteers as executive director of the Chicago Blockchain Center.[1]


Prodromos heard about smart contracts in 2014 and became interested in exploration their application to legal contracts. In learning more about them she eventually discovered, and became infatuated with, blockchain technology.

As a college graduation gift, her parents gave her a ticket to the Consensus conference in New York City, where she met Vitalik Buterin and heard Matthew Roszak, the founder of Bloq and the Chicago Blockchain Center, speak.

She met Rozsak again at a later conference and he hired her for the position at Bloq.[2]


Prodromos earned a Bachelor's degree in political science from Pepperdine University and a Masters of Science in Information Systems from Northwestern University.


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