Anthony Pereira

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Anthony Pereira
Anthony Pereira.jpg
Occupation Founder and CEO
Employer Percentile
Location London
LinkedIn Profile

Anthony Pereira is the founder and CEO of Percentile, a financial technology company specializing in risk reporting for financial institutions, both for internal reports and those mandated by regulations such as Basel III and others.[1]

Before joining Percentile he was global head of risk technology at KBC Group, a Netherlands-based banking and financial conglomerate.


Pereira began developing software in the mid-90s, working on "big data" before it became vogue. He worked at technology companies in the US and then spent twelve years as a financial technologist at KBC Group, in a variety of technology roles, including head of front office technology for KBC Investments, executive director of risk technology for KBC Financial Products.

While working at KBC during the financial crisis, Pereira saw a need for robust risk systems at hedge funds, investment banks and other financial firms. In 2014, he left KBC to found Percentile. [2]


Pereira holds a Master of Engineering in Computing from Imperial College London. He also attended Desborough College and St. Joseph's College.


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