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Global Association of Central Counterparties (CCP12)
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Founded 2001
Products Industry Association
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The Global Association of Central Counterparties (CCP12) was formed in 2001 by major central counterparty organizations in Europe, Asia and the Americas to share information and develop analysis and policy standards for common areas of concern.

It is a global association of 37 members who operate more than 50 individual CCPs globally across EMEA, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. The group frequently invites regulators and representatives from other clearing and settlement organizations, exchanges and marketplaces, financial firms and other industry associations around the world to join its meetings. Over the years, CCP12 has held meetings in places including Seoul, South Korea, Boston, Hong Kong and Tokyo.[1]

In 2009, the G20 Leaders pledged to change the process by which non-standardised Over-The-Counter (“OTC”) derivatives were traded. In February 2020, CCP12 published ‘Progress and Initiatives in OTC Derivatives – A CCP12 Report’, its second installment in a series of reports exploring the current and future state of OTC derivatives.[2]

Products and Services

According to CCP12's mission statement, members of CCP12 work together on issues of mutual interest and benefit to minimize global systemic risk and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of international markets. To this end, CCP12 members collaboratively share information, develop analysis and position papers, and add to global industry and regulatory consultation and debate in order to promote development and adoption of best of breed standards and practices in CCP risk management and operational activities.[3]


Key People

Executive Committee:

Elected ordinary executive committee members are:


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