Carlo Scevola

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Carlo Scevola
Carlo Scevola.jpeg
Occupation Founder and President; Principal
Employer CS&P
Location Zurich, Switzerland; Princeton, NJ; George Town, Cayman Islands
Twitter @@CSP_Fiduciaire

Carlo Scevola is the founder and president of CS&P, and director of hedge fund Cryptos Fund. He has made a fortune by investing in Bitcoin from an early stage.


Carlo Scevola began his career in the financial services industry in 1999 with the founding of the proprietary trading firm CS&P, which began its investment activities on the IDEM Italian Derivatives Markets, shortly becoming one of the major liquidity providers of the FIB30 futures.

His activities expanded in the early 2000s on various financial markets. He has worked as a broker with Refco and Man Financial. He founded a brokerage company, Gallo Global Markets, which was acquired by an Indian investment group in 2004.

He has founded the hedge fund Resolute Capital Growth Fund in 2005, which he continued to operate until 2008 together with Laurence Rosenberg, when it was forced into liquidation due to the failure of a counterparty.

Mr. Scevola has been investing into e-currencies like e-gold since 1999, and started investing into Bitcoin in 2011. His interest towards electronic currencies, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain led to the creation of the hedge fund Cryptos Fund in May 2017.


Scevola holds Series 3 FINRA license. Graduated from the University of Liverpool, with a MBA in Finance.