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== Key People ==
== Key People ==
*CTS President and owner, [[Bill Cunningham]]
*CTS President and owner, [[Bill Cunningham]]
*Partner, [[Nate Ostrye]]
== References ==
== References ==
<references />
<references />
[[Category:Independent Software Vendors]]
[[Category:Independent Software Vendors]]

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Cunningham Trading Systems. LLC
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Key People CTS President, Bill Cunningham
Website www.ctsfutures.com
Releases Company News

Cunningham Trading Systems offers an application service provider (ASP) hosting solution for electronic futures trading. FCMs, professional traders, brokers, institutional and retail customers can take advantage of CTS's network for their trading platform.[1]


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Established in Chicago in 2003, Cunningham Trading Systems (CTS) was founded by William Cunningham and Andrew Busby. In 2004, Nate Ostrye joined CTS as a partner.

A veteran floor trader, Cunningham required an electronic trading platform to meet the growing needs of his customers. As a result, Cunningham teamed with Busby to create a trading platform for professionals.

CTS now also widely serves retail and institutional traders, with the firm now supplementing its core trading product with charts, market profiles, news and a mobile application.

Products and Services

  • CTS T4 Mobile is a mobile trading interface supported by Apple and T-Mobile.


  • Feb. 18, 2008 - FCMs, traders, brokers and other trading institutions will now be able to utilize Strategy Runner’s professional trading platform and server-based algorithmic trading solutions through the CTS API. Strategy Runner’s FCM partners, brokers and institutional clients will benefit from the fast and reliable exchange connectivity provided by CTS without the need to create and maintain an IT infrastructure in house.
  • July 15, 2008 – Cunningham Trading Systems, LLC announced the release of its newest product referred to as T4 Mobile. T4 Mobile is the latest in CTS’s family of trading software products for the professional and retail trader.[2]
  • Oct. 31, 2008 – Cunningham Trading Systems, LLC announces its latest product, T4 Mobile, offers support for the T-Mobile G1 phone running Google's Android. This latest addition has all of the functionality as T4 Mobile on the iPhone, offering users another way to access all the functionality of T4 WebTrader from their cellular phone. A user can watch market activity, monitor positions, add new orders and revise existing orders from the palm of their hand.[3]
  • Jan. 21, 2009 - Cunningham Trading Systems, LLC released a charting and news package for T4 Desktop. CTS's charting package is built directly into the front end. Custom built by CTS, it is a package meant for both professional and retail traders. View and configure studies and overlays including Bollinger Bands, Keltner Channels, Relative Strength Indexes, and many more.[4]

Key People


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