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== Products and Services ==
== Products and Services ==
Digital Asset Holdings seeks to shift Wall Street settlement processes to start using the digital ledger technology behind bitcoin for speedier settlement in a secure environment where counterparty risk is minimized.
== Key People ==
== Key People ==

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Digital Asset Holdings
Founded 2014
Key People Blythe Masters, CEO
Employees 20+
Website Digital Asset

Digital Asset Holdings is a company that uses blockchain technology to facilitate settlement between digital and traditional currencies. It was founded in 2014 by Sunil Hirani and Don Wilson.[1]


Blythe Masters, a leading developer of credit default swaps and formerly of JPMorgan Chase & Co., joined Digital Asset as CEO in March 2015. [2]

The firm acquired two small companies, Bits of Truth and HyperLedger, in June 2015 while also announcing a first round of Series A funding. [3]

Products and Services

Key People


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