Drew Shields

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Drew Shields
Occupation Director of Product Management and Marketing
Employer Trading Technologies
Location Chicago

Drew Shields is the director of product management and marketing at Trading Technologies (TT). He leads the TT group product managers and the global marketing effort and has considerable input into the development of the company's next generation platform. He has extensive experience both selling and developing professional trading software.


Before joining TT, Shields was the VP, Technology Operations, of OptionsHouse. That position was specifically created for Shields as he oversaw production operations, change management, database administration, and risk and compliance solutions.

Previously, Shields was CTO of Chicago-based proprietary trading firm Infinium Capital Management. He assumed the role in May 2013, after working as Infinium's director of software development since 2012. Before Infinium, Shields was a partner and the chief product officer at Symphono. Before joining Symphono in 2007, Shields worked at Bank of America in a variety of roles that involved the interest rate and credit derivatives business at the bank. Shields technical skills include Windows, Linux, Solaris, Java, C#, WP, FIX, FIX/FAST, MSSQL, and MySQL.

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Shields graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. He went on to receive an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. [1]


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