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  • Jul 2006 5th anniversary of Euro Repo Market
  • Sep 2005 Launch of the SecLend Market
  • June 2005 Record outstanding volume of 30 bn. reached in the Euro Market
  • May 2005 Introduction of Fixed Income CCP
  • Apr 2005 Launch of CHF Repo Multi-Currency Market
  • Mar 2005 Introduction of Euro GC Pooling
  • Feb 2005 Introduction of International Securities in the Euro Repo Market
  • Jul 2004 Introduction of the Liquidity-Shortage Financing Facility
  • Jun 2004 Record outstanding volume of 20 bn. reached in the Euro Market
  • Jun 2004 Record outstanding volume of 70 bn. reached in the CHF Market
  • Dec 2003 Introduction of Data Distribution Information Services
  • Nov 2003 Several GUI enhancements
  • Jun 2003 Windows XP Support
  • Jun 2003 KfW and "Neue Bundesländer" Securities are tradeable
  • Mar 2002 Forward/Forward Contracts
  • Feb 2002 Introduction of automatic GC Completion
  • Jan 2002 Introduction of CLS Facility
  • Nov 2001 Introduction of Intraday Repurchase Facility
  • Jul 2001 Launch of the Euro Repo Market. The main component is the Overnight Euro Repo, which Eurex is the first to offer in an electronic repo market
  • May 2001 Expansion of the SMI GC Basket by 5 more equities
  • Mar 2001 Auctions of Swiss Federal Bonds are carried out via the electronic trading platform
  • Mar 2001 Start of Swiss Equity-Repo trading comprising the 10 most liquid equities in the Swiss Market Index (SMI)
  • Feb 2001 Successful launch of auctions of Swiss registered money-market claims (GMBF's) via the electronic trading platform
  • Feb 2001 Acceptance of German Jumbo Pfandbrief issues for repo trading
  • Feb 2001 Auctions on GMBF
  • Oct 2000 New Auction Module for SNB
  • Oct 2000 SWX Repo becomes Eurex Repo
  • Jun 2000 Outstanding trade volume in the Swiss Franc Repo Market exceeds CHF 25 billion with more than 80 banks taking part
  • Nov 1999 Introduction of new functional features; among others, anonymous trading and a direct link to the London Clearing House (LCH)
  • Oct 1999 Intraday Auction SNB
  • Jun 1999 Launch of the electronic Swiss Franc Repo Market, encompassing integrated clearing/settlement and fully automated auctions of the Swiss National Bank (SNB)