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IPOX Schuster
Founded 2004
Headquarters Chicago, IL USA
Key People Josef Schuster
Products IPOX® Global Indexes
Website www.ipoxschuster.com

IPOX Schuster LLC is an independent, research-driven financial services firm specializing in financial products and data design related to global IPOs. Their philosophy involves classifying IPOs as a separate equity sector for a substantial period of time in aftermarket trading.

Their main products are the IPOX® Global Indexes, a set of proprietary indexes available in real-time encompassing an index technology which allows for scaleable, investable and sustainable exposure into global IPO performance, often a pure proxy for economic growth and innovation. With around USD 3bn benchmarked since July 2005, the indexes have become a popular choice for leading financial products sponsors around the world.[1]


IPOX has its roots in academic work on IPOs pursued in the Financial Markets Group (FMG) at the London School of Economics (LSE). IPOX Schuster LLC was officially incorporated in 2004..[2]

Products and Services

Key People


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