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|loc      =  Zagreb, Croatia
|loc      =  Zagreb, Croatia
|name    =  Ivana Gazic
|name    =  Ivana Gazic
|pic      =  personpic.jpg  
|pic      =  IvanaGazic.jpg  
|url      =   
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Ivana Gazic
Occupation President and Chair
Employer Zagreb Stock Exchange
Location Zagreb, Croatia

Former investment banker Ivana Gazic was named President of the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) Management Board in March 2010, replacing former president Roberto Motusic ,[1] and two months later she was named chairwoman of the ZSE.

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At the time of her appointment to the ZSE, Gazic was working as an executive with Croatian investment bank Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank, and she has also worked at Croatian banks Pliva, Lura, HVB and Splitska banka. Upon her appointment Gazic promised to improve relations between ZSE and shareholders, members, issuers and the regulator, Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA). Gazic has also pledged to improve relations with neighboring stock exchanges.[2]


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