Jerome H. Powell

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Jerome Powell
Occupation Governor (Nominee)
Employer Federal Reserve Board
Location Washington, DC

Jerome "Jay" Powell is a nominee to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. His nomination, announced by President Barack Obama on Dec. 27, 2011, has yet to be confirmed by the Senate. He is a visiting scholar at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, D.C., and was the undersecretary of the treasury for finance with the George H.W. Bush administration.[1]


During his time working for the U.S. government, Powell focused on policy for financial institutions and the treasury debt market, among others. He was a partner at The Carlyle Group. Powell spent much of his career as a lawyer and investment banker in New York.

He was a founding chair of the Center City Consortium, a group of 16 low-income parochial schools in the Washington D.C. area.

In May 2011, Powell indicated that he drew issue with the Republican party's risking default by opposing an increase of the debt limit in the U.S.[2]

Professional Organizations

  • D.C. Prep, Board of Directors
  • Bendheim Center for Finance at Princeton University, Board of Directors
  • The Nature Conservancy of Washington, D.C. and Maryland, Board of Directors


  • Princeton University (1975)
  • Georgetown University Law Center (1979)[3]


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